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Selling and Marketing your Airpark, Airport and Waterfront Property

The key to marketing any real estate is getting the property seen by as many eyes of your "targeted market" as possible. If you’re selling property on a golf course, then showing the listing to a family looking for horse property may not help you too much. That’s the problem with so many real estate sites.  It doesn’t matter how much traffic a web site gets, if it’s not targeted to the audience that’s looking for the product!

At AviationAcres.com we have a very narrow focus in the real estate industry.  We want to help BUYERS and SELLERS of AVIATION property find and market listings.  If it doesn’t have a runway, helipad or enough water to take off and land a floatplane on, we are not interested in knowing about it. 

Do you have a waterfront listing on a large body of water that could have a floatplane land on it?  Have you ever marketed your waterfront listings to the aviation community?  Your Seller may have had previous agents market their property, but maybe you're the first to "think" of showing it to the aviation community. As an owner of a real estate company, I know this is rarely done.  Why Aviation?  On average, pilots tend to have higher incomes, and often own more than one property or home.  

What can Aviation Acres offer you?  First and most important is the ability for you to get your major waterfront, and aviation listings seen by Aviators. Use our site as a resource for properties that may not be listed with a real estate agency (such as a hangar on an airport) that you may have a Buyer for. A particular aviation property may not be in your local MLS, so you may not know of it without looking at our site.  Since we do have FSBO properties, you’ll also know who might be trying to sell their listing, and at some point may be looking for a real estate professional to assist them.  If a FSBO notices you’re working with Aviation Listings, then to them you’re an expert.  I was once told that if you know 5% more than the next person, you’re the expert. Be the expert!

If you’re a real estate professional, we have one of two options for Subscription Packages you can purchase through our site.  Each has their benefit, which we will briefly explain below.

Available Packages To Purchase on Our Site

eal Estate Agency Package(s):

You can sign up and add as many aviation listings as your office has, depending on the package you purchase, regardless of which agent is listing them.  You can add all the office's aviation listings under one single account.  Any inquires from our site by potential Buyers go to one specific email address that you specify, not on a “per agent” basis.   With the listings, we display all the fields of data that you entered as well as the following Company Contact Information:

  • Company / Agency
    Name & Logo ( if uploaded)
    Phone Numbers
    Company eMail Address – This is a good place to tell you that we completely protect your email address from public and web crawler view.  If someone wishes to contact you via email, they must go through our email form that hides your email address from them, and we will never sell your address to anyone.


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Real Estate Agent Package(s):

For agents who want to be contacted directly about their listing, they can purchase the agents package. With the “Agents Package” the agent can add as many aviation listings as they wish under their account.  We will display all the normal detail about the listing you enter, as well as the following Agent Information:

  • Company / Agency
    Company Name & Logo ( if uploaded)
    Company Address
    Company Phone Numbers
    Company eMail Address

  • Agent Name
    Agent Address
    Agent Phone Numbers
    Agent Photo (if uploaded)
    Agent Bio – (Short narrative about agent)
    Agent eMail Address – (protected form)


See Pricing Information


FSBO For Sale By Owner Package(s):

We have two basic packages for the property owner who doesn't currently have the property listed with a real estate professional.  The first package is for the property owner who only has one property for sale.  We've given you an easy way to market your property the the aviation community.

The second package, is designed more for the developer who has several properties for sale, like a new airpark community.  If you have more than just a single listing, you'll need to purchase the "Multi-pack" option that gives you up to 10 listings you can add to our site.

  • Property Owner Name
    Property Address
    Owner Phone Numbers
    Owner eMail Address


See Pricing Information

runway property - find a real estate agent that can assist you with your airport property search, through the fence agreement or other airport need.
Finding a real estate agent that can help you with your next airport or airpark property needs starts with Aviation Acres.
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